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Grand Priory of the Americas


"In truth I am loyal to this fraternal society."


We have a three-fold mission:

To provide humanitarian aid, medicines 

and medical supplies to refugees worldwide

Provide support to military veterans

Support youth leadership development

through support of the BSA

The Order promotes the timeless traditions of Chivalry by compassion and charity, providing humanitarian aid and medical supplies to refugee communites worldwide. a special focus supporting  military veterans and youth leadership development through scouting support.

The Order of St George Hospitallers are comprised of Medical and EMT professionals, with military and civilian backgrounds, most actively participate in either Federal and/or State crisis mgt situations. With an extensive network of donor contacts; they are very successful raising donations of millions of dollars worth of medical supplies for refugees. Some may be deployed overseas on short assignments to assist with dispersement of our aid and to provide medical attention to refugees. We are an approved participant in the US Denton program.


Standard 16:9-OStGRE-ME-Damage.mp4

Morroco Earthquake 9.8.23 - Damage

The catastrophic and life altering damage caused by the September 8th Earthquake in Morrocco.

Standard 16:9-OStGRE-ME-Conditions.mp4

Morroco Earthquake 9.8.23 - Conditions

The current living conditions after the September Earthquake in Morroco. 

Standard 16:9-OStGRE-ME-Plea.mp4

Morroco Earthquake 9.8.23 - Plea

A Plea for aid from a young Morroccan girl living in  post-earthquake Morocco. 

Turkey Earthquake Report 2.23.23

Dame Juliana visited and reported on the effects of the earthquake in Turkey. She reports on the St George Hospitaller efforts as well as her own Iraqi Christian Relief.

Ukraine Report 2.23.23

Chevalier Alex Shypka reports on the Order's humanitarian work in the Ukraine.

Tanzania Graduates Express Thanks 

Scholarship recipients express their thanks to the donors who helped them graduate from the Kilimanjaro Information Technology College in Moshe, Tanzania. 

Ukraine Relief Effort 

The Order of St. George Hospitaller committee has raised donations of over $727,600 of medical supplies for Ukrainian refugees. The 23 pallets cost $27,000 for air cargo transport. 

Approximately $1200/pallet. 

Please donate. We need your help paying for shipping to get these aid items to the Ukraine.

Medical aid for hospitals

Three non-profit charitable organizations, Help Heroes Of Ukraine, The Order of St George - Grand Priory of the Americas, and Орден Лицарів Тамплієрів Єрусалима - Великий Пріорат України, have joined to support Ukraine

ICTV TV channel about medical aid for Ukrainian hospitals

TV story from the Help Heroes of Ukraine warehouse in Ukraine📍 Journalist told about a large-scale cargo of medical aid worth  over $700,000. The truck with medicine has already left for two hospitals in Ukraine, where wounded defenders are being treated. 

The Denton Program is authorized by U.S. Statute (10 U.S.C. 402). The actual transportation portion of this program is contractually managed by USTRANSCOM utilizing a contractor operating out of Joint Base Charleston, SC.

Proud Members of the Denton Program

The Denton Program is a Department of Defense (DOD) transportation program that moves humanitarian cargo, donated by U.S. based Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) to developing nations to ease human suffering. The approved cargo is transported by DOD land, air or sea assets on a space-available basis. The program is authorized by statute (10 U.S. Code 402) and is managed by the U.S. Department of State (DOS) and DOD.


 Please donate 


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Donate now so we may cover the shipping costs and

increase our efforts to help the refugees from the Ukraine

One pallet costs $1,200.00 to ship air cargo

Consider donating:   $50   $100   $250   $500  or more

The Order of St. George is recognized as an IRS 501c3 nonprofit organization. 

Donations may be tax deductible. Consult your tax advisor.


Population(s) served: Women and girls, People of African descent, Economically disadvantaged people, Victims of crime and abuse


Population(s) served: Refugees and displaced people, Victims of conflict and war


Population(s) served: Victims of disaster


Population(s) served: Victims of conflict and war, Refugees and displaced people


Population(s) served: Refugees and displaced people, Victims of conflict and war, People of Middle Eastern descent


Population(s) served: Economically disadvantaged people, Victims of conflict and war, People of African descent