Population(s) served:   Refugees and displaced people, Victims of conflictand war, People of Middle Eastern descent

The Jolo, Sulu Fire Department who are our partners and who you helped us to support with the medical equipment you donated was named the 2019 Number One Municipal Fire Department in the entire Philippines.  In addition, Fire Marshall Balthazar Saradain was named the Best Provincial Fire Marshall.  You can read his comment to AAI below.  I hope you get a sense of what an honor this is for a courageous group of First Responders who in early 2019 lacked the most basic radio or walkie-talkie communications, no masks , or adequate hoses and had to push-start a fire truck.  They have saved many lives just on their guts and skills -- many of the fire man are trained Registered Nurses, as well.  The non-corrupt leadership of Fire Marshall Balthazar has also made a substantial difference.

Thanks again, Doc for your generosity and timely intervention.  It made a difference. 

Al Santoli

Some pics of AAI Mental Health - Trauma Counseling young psychologists and manual support groups in armed conflict zones and post-Pandemic  Campus environment in Muslim Mindanao, Phils.  A  very enthusiastic group of positive young people at Notre Dame College in Jolo, Sulu, which is the most impoverished province in Phils in tri-border area of Indonesia - Malaysia -Phils.  We are seeking to end generations of cycles of violence and instill positive attitude and motivation in communities.