The International Knightly Order Valiant of St. George has been officially recognized as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), with special consultative status, by the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). In 2021, the Order of St. George joined the Congress of NGOs.  This valuable status enables us to engage officially with ECOSOC as well as with the United Nations Secretariat and UN programs. 

Special consultative status allows the Order to designate official representatives to the UN Headquarters in New York and the UN offices in Geneva and Vienna. Our representatives can now participate in UN conferences and events, and can sit as observers in meetings of ECOSOC and the UN General Assembly, the Human Rights Council, and other UN intergovernmental decision making bodies.

The Order can now also submit written statements to the UN Council, and has access to a variety of UN facilities. “Gaining official UN status is another step forward in the international development of our Order and its work,” said our Grand Prior Emeritas, Chevalier Simon McIlwaine. “It is recognition of the growing professionalism in the way in which we operate, and I should like to thank all of those within the Order for their hard work in making official UN status for our organization a reality.”

CoNGO celebrates 75 years since its founding in 1948, lines up commemorative events worldwide


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Representing the Order of St. George are Chev. Robert Scott, UN Delegate and Chev. Robert Soderstrom, UN Chief Administrative Officer and Grand Prior of the Americas

7/13/23 Representing the Order of St. George at the United Nations Principles on the Human Rights of Future Generations, Speakers panel on launch of Maastricht Principles/CoNGO event.

8/31/23 the Order of St. George at the United Nations /CoNGO

 Third Global Thematic event on Gender Justice, Youth and Intra-/Intergenerational Justice and Solidarity for Future Generations 

9/1/23 Attending the United Nations Congress of NGOs Fourth Global Thematic webinar today. Our UN Delegates represent the Order at a CoNGO webinar whose theme included Peace, Human Security and Sustainability for People and the Planet

Vienna, Austria | 20 April 2023 (CoNGO InfoNews) – The first global commemorative event to celebrate the 75 years of CoNGO (the Conference of Non-Governmental Organizations in Consultative Relationship with the United Nations) will be held at the Vienna International Center in the City of Vienna in Austria on Friday, April 28, from 14:00 to 16:45.

The event may be attended in person or online by registering in one of these three categories:  In-person with a UNOV pass, in-person without a UNOV pass, or online through live streamed broadcast. If you are registering without a UNOV pass, the deadline is Friday, April 21, 18:00 EDT | 23:00 CET.

Attendees will listen to speeches from the Director General of the United Nations Office in Vienna, Mrs. Ghada Fathi Waly and the Secretary General of the Foreign Ministry of Austria, Ambassador Peter Launsky-Tieffenthal. Permanent representatives from missions of UN member states stationed in Vienna and officials from the City of Vienna will also speak. The President of CoNGO, Liberato Bautista, will deliver an Anniversary Presidential Address. Nikhil Seth, Helga Konrad and Manfred Nowak will deliver keynote lectures on timely themes.

Three musical pieces in flute will be performed, and the City of Vienna will tender a vin d’honneur immediately after the program. Please open this link for more information on other speakers and the program and schedule.

To be announced shortly are other global commemorative events in Bangkok, New York and Geneva, including five more global thematic webinars.