Population(s) served: Economically disadvantaged people, Victims of conflict and war, People of African descent 

Years of suppling millions of dollars of humanitarian aid and medical supplies allowed our partner, the WIN Foundation to open a free hospital that servers people from 10 different Nigerian states 

So many people mostly children are dying here of hunger . Many mothers, many fathers, in short more than 80 percent can't afford food but this is not shown on TV. The education system is on the lowest since 1960, there are intellectual no books, seats desks and school supplies in any school even universities . Please how can the Order help the When In Need Foundation to conquer huger since the government has forgotten the people they are supposed to serve and to protect . 


Please am not sure if the order can assist with malaria blankets or sheets , reading glasses, HIV kits(many here are HIV positive and transferring this to many.. very soon Nigeria will become the nation of HIV. There is also the rampant of Herpes , kidney failure due to high blood pressure and diabetes . Many are just falling dead.

I wish we could get some machines here and more 

ambulances. The deaths are so many adults and children are just dying in huge numbers. I am actually treating people free in my hospital due to lack of money We are trying to fix dates for eye missions and it will be great

to have doctors that can do minor surgeries . 

As a Dame in the Order, I am

taking my vow to serve humanity for the rest of my life seriously. I have spent so much 

money on free medical but I 

need help. I know what matters to God is how I lived my life and how many people I helped or changed their lives.

All am asking God is to continue to Bless me and the order of st. George so we can continue to be a blessing to others. I know am just one person but I need the world to know that there are few good people who cares so 

much for the masses.

Please help me to help others. 

May God Bless you all and The Order of St. George.